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Wait, wait... Flappy Bird is making how much money!?


Want to get rich quick? Make an unpolished mobile game involving the navigation of a stupid-looking bird through Mario-themed pipes and hope that it's Dark Souls-like difficulty is addicting enough to catch on. That's all Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen had to do and now he's raking in $50,000 a day thanks to ads in his newly released game, Flappy Bird, which is all the rage right now on mobile devices.

To be fair, to Nguyen, he definitely deserves credit for the massive popularity of his new game. That was just me being bitter that I still can't get past four pipes. The simplicity, yet frustratingly difficult mechanics of Flappy Bird has turned it into a smash hit that sits atop the App Store and Google Play Store charts. The app has been downloaded 50 million times and has accumulated over 47,000 reviews in the App Store. What's more, Nguyen only spent a few nights coding the game when he got home from work.

I don't like the game, but I respect it.

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