Wait, GTA Online has how many missions!?

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You kind of get the sense that Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto Online isn't just some tacked on multiplayer to discourage players from trading in GTA 5 shortly after beating the main single player storyline. Judging by what we've seen, it looks like a fully fleshed-out online component with many multiplayer offerings.

According to Spanish games site 3Djuegos, GTA Online features around 700 missions, with it always having around 500 missions available and continuously rotating to keep you engaged.

"I think they are about 700 missions at this time. We hope you have a 500 always available, and are renewed continuously," Rockstar's Leslie Benzies revealed. According to the translated interview, missions can be discovered through exploration or by receiving a phone call from some non-playable characters. Benzies also said that you will have access to a more traditional list of missions via the game menus.

And if that isn't enough, the studio has plans for an in-depth mission creator that allows the actual GTA Online community to create and share custom missions.

Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 and launches on October 1, a few weeks after the game's initial launch on September 17.

[3Djuegos via CVG]

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