Wage war in Total War: ROME 2, available today

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Today is a monumental day. SEGA has officially unleashed its behemoth of a game, Total War: ROME 2 on PC, which means couch strategists and office generals will be able to once again pour hours into the absolutely massive amount of content the game has to offer.

SEGA has stated that nearly half of all Total War players spend more than 50 hours in each game, and ROME 2 will build up on that by offering a map that's nearly twice the size of the previous title, along with 700+ individual unit types. That's pretty amazing.

And hey, if you want to know what we thought about the game, check out our REVIEW, written by our very own Historian, Andrew Clouther.

You can head on over to Steam and get your copy of Total War: ROME 2 and command your army to greatness!

*Or you can head on over to Green Man Gaming, and get your copy for $48! That's a $12 discount!

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