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Wadget Eye Games announces The Blackwell Epiphany


Developer Wadget Eye Games has become notorious for its Blackwell series of adventure games. These titles deal with death and communication with otherworldly spirits, and they star a strong cast of characters and deliver interesting plot developments. Wadget Eye has announced that it is currently working on the fifth game in the series, The Blackwell Epiphany.

Lead designer and Wadget Eye boss Dave Gilbert has shared some details regarding the upcoming entry in the stellar adventure franchise, and it seems like fans have a lot to look forward to. First off, Blackwell Epiphany will tackle a lot of the series' previously unanswered questions in an attempt to move the story forward in as strong a manner as possible.

In addition to story progression, Blackwell Epiphany will be a much darker game than its predecessors, which you could argue are pretty damn dark already. The experience will also be longer, though Gilbert didn't reveal too much about that considering the game isn't very far off in development.

The Blackwell games are very old school in their point-and-click adventure game design, but they never feel archaic in any way. They also tell some really great stories, so the fact that we're getting a brand new title is most definitely exciting news.

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