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Voting for backwards compatible games doesn't guarantee they will come to Xbox One

It's just a popularity poll, but you knew that.

Voting for backwards compatible games doesn't guarantee they will come to Xbox One

Microsoft revealed that they would be bringing a much desired feature to the Xbox One during E3 2015 - backwards compatibility. Along with the announcement they revealed some of the first Xbox 360 games that would be available on the Xbox One.

After that, Microsoft opened up the voting polls to see which games the community wanted to see made available on the Xbox One (Call of Duty is killing it in the polls). This fall we will be seeing 100 Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One, but there won't be a full back catalogue just yet. 

Magazine, Microsoft's corporate vice president Kudo Tsunoda explained to the Official Xbox magazine why there won't be a back catalogue from the get go and what the next steps were for the company in regards to backwards compatibility.

"So, we’ll start with 100 titles this autumn, and we’ll be adding titles as time goes by. At some point we’re going to need to get – obviously - the permission of the owners of the content, the publishers and the developers. So 100% is always a hard thing to achieve in anything.

"There’s a possibility for some outliers, but we’re really going to work on getting the biggest catalogue of games on any platform onto Xbox One via not only our exclusive blockbuster titles that we’re delivering this fall, [but also] our indie games plus backward compatibility. Again, that’s just enormous value for gamers."

Just because you're voting for games to be backwards compatible, it doesnt mean you will be getting those games. In the end, it comes down to the game's publishers and developers OKing the jump to the Xbox One. 

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