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Vote for the inside cover of Xenoblade Chronicles


I'm not going to lie, folks--I really can't wait to get my hands on Xenoblade Chronicles. I mean, RPG-loving Wii owners were begging Nintendo to bring the game to North America, and after it seemed as though all hope was lost, it turns out we're getting the game after all. April 3, 2012 couldn't come soon enough!

Until that day comes, though, why not keep yourself occupied? And by "occupied" I mean taking about 30 seconds to look at some pretty pictures and deciding which one you like the most. And by "like" I mean "vote on Facebook."

Nintendo recently put up four images on its Facebook page to determine how the reversible box art for Xenoblade Chronicles will look. There are some really stunning choices, so if you decide to vote, take your time. This is not a decision that's to be taken lightly.

You can also check out the four images right here. I already made my vote (I "liked" the third image because of all the pretty colors and artsy charm). What are you choosing?

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