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Voodoo Fest 07: The PlayStation Experience

October 30, 2007

Voodoo Fest 07: The PlayStation Experience
Louis Bedigian

When Sony Computer Entertainment America sponsors a music festival, they don’t simply throw up a banner and call it a day. They bring along games – lots of games – to give music lovers the chance to get some hands-on action with new and upcoming releases.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (released this week) was by far one of the most impressive titles on display, drawing attention from gamers young and old. In this new, PS3-exclusive sequel, classic Ratchet & Clank gameplay is merged with gorgeous, high-res, silky-smooth graphics, larger worlds, and a more realistic feel. (You know, assuming it was actually possible to be a weapon-toting animal.) For more info, see GameZone’s full review.

It was so crowded at times that you had to fight to get in.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (due November 20) looks sharper and more expansive than the last time it was shown at a music festival. New areas revealed several death-defying attempts at navigating the game’s enormous world, which has some of the most beautiful shadow, lighting, and organic background details of the generation. It seems a portion of the adventure will fall in line with ICO and the first Prince of Persia, both of which challenged players to solve creative puzzles by making your way through the environment. But unlike those other games, Uncharted features a gunplay aspect that could give Tomb Raider a run for its money.

Players also got to check out current and previous hits like Resistance, MotorStorm, and Heavenly Sword. Skate, Virtua Tennis 3 and other demos were loaded onto select PS3 kiosks for further gameplay inspection.

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Photos and Story by Louis Bedigian.

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