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Voltron Forming a New Game in 2011 Courtesy of THQ


Voltron is making a comeback thanks to a trio of new products, one of which is a new game based on the original 1980s Voltron: Defender of the Universe series. The new game, published by THQ, is set for release in 2011, and meant to coincide with the release of a new cartoon.

The new cartoon, unlike the game, isn't based on the original series. It's called Voltron Force, and it's coming from production company Classic Media, who've been gobbling up classic cartoon properties like Transformers, Felix the Cat, and Casper for decades.

A toy line is also in production, set to arrive in 2012, and based on the Voltron Force cartoon series.

No word on who's developing Voltron, or what consoles it's coming to, but with a release coming this year, we should hear something soon. Will this be yet another bit of licensed dreck? Or will THQ bring something fresh for this classic series? All I know is I want a five player co-op campaign.


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