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Volition reveals a secret about Saints Row: The Third


Ariel Gross, senior audio designer at Volition, revealed something regarding Saints Row: The Third today during a presentation at the Game Developers Conference. This is something that those of us who loved playing the game never knew about, and it is something that any fan of Saints Row: The Third would have loved.

As you know, there are seven different voices for created characters. While you're making your Saints leader, you have three male voices, three female voices, and a zombie voice to choose from. What Volition included is great, and each voice has its own set of lines and witty remarks. But there was originally meant to be one more voice.

According to Gross, that eighth voice was going to be completely in autotune. In autotune, people! As reported by GiantBomb, when Gross revealed this tidbit, the audience in attendance groaned in disappointment. And can you blame them? I mean, come on, autotune! That would have been so hilarious!

Personally, I think autotune is ridiculously stupid when used in music. Other than that, though, it has been used to create some incredibly and wonderfully comical characters and jokes. Just watch this clip of The Room in autotune, and you'll see exactly what I mean. It's really sad that there was no autotune voice for created characters in Saints Row: The Third. Well, at least Zimos was still there.

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