Volition launches first Saints Row 4 developer diary

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Celebrating the early critical and commercial success of Saints Row 4, developer Volition has launched its first dev diary, which sets out to remember the roots of the franchise.

“When we came out with Saints Row 1, there really weren’t that many open-world games that were out there, and I think at this point in the industry it’s pretty tough to come up with a game that really is unlike anything else out there,” Senior Producer Jim Boone explains in the diary. “That’s one of the things that I think people have always loved about Saints Row. There’s nothing else like that in terms of the tone, in terms of all the options and the over-the-top nature of everything.”

The full video also features Creative Director Steve Jaros and Lighting Lead Chris Claflin as they too touch on the expectations of quality of Saints Row because of its past success.

Below you can view the full, first episode of Volition’s Saints Row 4 developer diary:

Source: [YouTube - Volition]

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