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Voice actors talk about their Mass Effect 3 characters and experience


In the newest promotional video from BioWare and EA’s science fiction action-RPG Mass Effect 3, the voice actors speak about their character and role in this saga.  The majority of the voice acting is from big names and popular icons.  I have no doubt in my mind that the voice acting in ME3 will be flawless and stellar.      

This video goes through a gambit of the voice actors and shows who they are voicing.  As expected, each actor voices their excitement for ME3.  Each of the actors featured in this video give a little tidbit of what to look forward to.

Martin Sheen “Illusive Man” – finally get an idea of where he’s coming from and what his hidden agenda is.

Freddie Prince Jr. “James Vega” – plays a serious, honest, straight forward new character.  He says Mass Effect 3 is a “have to play it, completely immersive game.”  The characters are so well done that you can’t help care for each of them individually.

Seth Green “Joker” – says his character is into the solo scene, not interested in getting involved with any group.  To Green, the ME universe is so expansive and developing – ideal for players.    

Tricia Helfer “EDI” – this artificial intelligence in now faced with questions that she had never had to deal with in the past.

Ali Hillis “Liara T’soni” – the character has taken a darker route since the start.  This process has made her ‘more human’ though. 

Jessica Chobot “Diana Allers” – this is a new character with little known about her.  Chobot is honored to have this role.  In the past, she has always felt like she plays games to get to the end but in ME it’s a different experience.  She truly wants to know what happens to Shepard. 

Keith David “Admiral Anderson” – a true man’s man.  That’s all.

Jennifer Hale “Female Shepard” – the voice of the cult favorite ‘Fem Shep.’  Hale says that the writing for ME3 is some of her favorite she’s ever done.  “You can’t even conceive how big this war is.”

Check out the video below.  March just keeps getting closer and closer.

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