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Vogster Entertainment Announces CrimeCrafts Game Enhancements and Kicks Off Tournament Series

September 14, 2009

Vogster Entertainment Announces CrimeCraft’s Game Enhancements and Kicks Off Tournament Series

New Game Content and Contest Details Revealed

Vogster Entertainment, LLC today announced the next phase of the post-launch rollout of their Persistent World Next-gen Shooter (PWNS) CrimeCraft. In-game tournaments and expanded game content are to be major components in the next wave of CrimeCraft’s expanded offering.

CrimeCraft ”Most Wanted” Tournament

First up is the CrimeCraft “Most Wanted” in-game tournament taking place from September 15th through October 15th. All players who have a currently active CrimeCraft account are eligible to compete. At the end of the tournament period every player from the PVP leaderboard will be entered into a weighted random drawing to win a cutting-edge Alienware Area 51 M17x gaming laptop. The second place winner will receive a high-performance ATI 3870 X2 graphics adapter with 512 MB of video RAM. Third, fourth and fifth place winners will receive a variety of premium CrimeCraft branded clothing items. For more information about prizes, legal requirements and detailed rules, as well as other upcoming tournaments, please visit

New CrimeCraft Content

The fast-paced combat of CrimeCraft will receive additional enhancements in the form of a new PvE mode that pits players against AI gang bosses across 14 maps; a new NPC gang; a new PvP loot system, as well as an in-game newspaper that will contain player-generated content and proclaim the victories and defeats of the denizens of Sunrise City. Additionally, billboards for the “Most Wanted” players in CrimeCraft will appear in common areas to further spread player notoriety and build the reputation of the most lethal gangs. These features will be rolled out in the first major content update that will drop into the game in October.

“Offering real-world prizes via our in-game co-marketing partners – such as cutting-edge gaming systems from Alienware and graphics adapters from ATI – coupled with ever-expanding in-game content, reflects our commitment to continually increase the value gamers enjoy from their purchase and the persistent world of CrimeCraft,” said Mario Kroll, Director of Marketing at Vogster.

Adds Executive Producer Matt McEnerney: “As an independent development house filled with folks who are passionate gamers, we know that the people who play CrimeCraft and the exploits of the gangs they form are the key to an exciting experience. They provide much of the lore and back story for our gritty, gang-themed game. We are excited to roll out content and enhancements to further challenge and excite our dedicated fan base.”

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