Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne is now on Steam

Screenshot - Nuclear Throne

Vlambeer announced today that Nuclear Throne, formerly known as Wasteland Kings, is now on Steam via Early Access. It costs $13.

Nuclear Throne is an action "roguelike-like" about mutants fighting in a postapocalyptic world and using the ability to generate new limbs and the abundant weaponry available to terrorize the wasteland.

Steam's Early Access enables developers to tweak and fine-tune their games as players test them before launch. Buying the Early Access of Nuclear Throne helps support Vlambeer during live development and grants players access to a new build every week and a discount on the final version.

So far, Nuclear Throne features four worlds, seven playable characters, and two boss fights with Big Bandit and the corpse of Big Dog.

Vlambeer previously released titles like mobile wonder Ridiculous Fishing and Super Crate Box. Nuclear Throne will launch on Mac, PlayStation 4, and Vita after the PC release.

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