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Vita's Augmented Reality Trailer Impresses


The PS Vita is already shaping up to be quite an impressive handheld. From the upcoming Uncharted game, to the announced cross-platform compatibility between it and the PlayStation 3, it seems like it's going to be quite the contender in the handheld market.

Sony now released a trailer showcasing the little handhelds Augmented Reality capabilities. I've already played around with the PSP's AR games, such as Invizimals, and though fairly impressive, it did have quite the lag factor. I get that this trailer showcases mostly just tech demos, or working titles, and that most of them are probably mocked up to look very impressive, but I can't help feeling that the Vita will be able to successfully pull this off.

Everything in that trailer has grabbed my attention, even though the gardening game is probably the least interesting, but I was blown away by the "Portal-like" puzzles that require lasers to be rotated a certain way to reach its destination. Very cool stuff indeed.

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