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Vita Remote play 'may or may not work' outside of the home


When Sony released the promo video highlighting Remote Play between the PS4 and PlayStation Vita, there was a specific moment that showed the gamer pull out her Vita and begin streaming PS4 gameplay directly to her handheld device while she was at school. This raised the question as to whether or not Remote Play -- the ability to stream your PS4 gameplay to your Vita, freeing up the television -- would actually be possible if not in your home on a local network.

Turns out, such capabilities "may or may not" be possible. In a Ultimate FAQ guide, Sony outlined the basics of Remote Play while explaining when it will work best.

"Remote Play will work best when the PS Vita system is located within the same WiFi network where PS4 is connected," Sony explained. "We also recommend that PS4 be connected to the local area network via an Ethernet cable, that a router suitable for gaming be used and that the PS Vita system be within close proximity of the WiFi access point so that the connection is free of interference."

Sony also "strongly recommends" that Remote Play be used "within the same WiFi network where PS4 is connected." And what if your not within the same network?

"Remote Play may or may not work over a wide area network," they clarified. "For Remote Play to function over a wide area network, a robust and stable WiFi connection and broadband Internet connection is required, and the local area network where PS4 is connected must be configured to permit the PS Vita system to access PS4."

Sony also clarified that the PS4 does have to be on to take advantage of Remote Play, but that the Vita can remotely wake it up when the console is in standby mode (as long as it's activated in the Power Settings).

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