Vita Games Reported to Cost Less Digitally

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While only being allowed one PlayStation Network account per Vita may be a bit off-putting, here's a bit of news regarding Sony's upcoming handheld that may make you want it hard again. Thrifty Nerd is reporting that downloading Vita games instead of buying physical copies will result in hefty savings. According to a Sony spokesperson, downloading your Vita games from the PlayStation Network will result in 40 percent savings per title as opposed to going out and getting a tangible copy.

Keep in mind that this representative is not an internal Sony employee, but rather a third-party rep, so 40 percent may be a bit inflated. If it is true, though, the lower price tag can be the result of a lack of packaging and an actual disc. Of course, until Sony confirms this news itself, we can pretty much consider this all to be a rumor.

In Japan, Vita games will be priced at about $50. Downloading them through the PlayStation Network, however, will result in a 20 percent cut off the price. That's a hell of a lot more realistic than the rumored 40 percent drop here in North America.

It would certainly make sense, though, especially considering just how damn expensive those Vita memory cards are. If true, I don't see why anyone would want to shell out the big bucks just to have a physical disc, a plastic case, and a paper manual. Let's hope these rumors are addressed by Sony soon. Stay tuned!

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