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Vita game sales are nearly 50 percent digital

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Despite the handheld's pricey memory cards, nearly half of Vita game sales are digital.

Sony revealed today that the handheld has roughly 1,000 games to offer. Many of those are PSOne Classics and PSP titles, however.

We also learned today that one in three Vita owners also has a PlayStation 4, the new console from Sony that debuted in November last year. About 250,000 gamers have tried the Remote Play feature that makes game-streaming possible from the PS4 and PS3 systems to the Vita.

In December, Sony revealed that the PS4's launch led to an increase in Vita sales. Sony is currently concentrating on building support for the Vita through PS4 and PS3 cross-buy deals as well as free offers through its premium service, PlayStation Plus.

Via: IGN

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