Violent video games are bad for your body

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I won't make a single penis joke in this post -- I swear. 

In South Korea, Professor Dong (that's where the penis joke comes in) Wong Cho from Chungbuk Provincial College has said that violent video games are harmful to the body. If you're thinking "Here we go again," just wait. Actual science backs up the professor's study, which states that violent video games make graphics cards run hot and emit more radio waves, which harm the body.

According to Korean site Inven, Professor Cho's study revealed that a game's graphics card sat at a 36°C temperature when idling. During a racing game, that temperature increased to 45°C. However, when a "violent game" was played, the temperature shot up to 57°C and emitted more radio waves. Science, people.

Keep in mind, this is the same professor that's published research on how watching porn will cause unmarried men liver damage, and how smartphones cause people to have irregular voices. The man obviously knows what he's talking about.

Inven, in an attempt to debunk Cho's research -- which shouldn't prove to be a difficult endeavor -- did some research of their own. Simply using a graphics card to decode HD videos could increase the temperature to 80°C, which would be much more harmful than playing a "violent game." Also, Inven played Manhunt, definitely a violent game, on PC. It isn't a new game -- just violent. The result? Hardly an heat on the computer's graphics card. Perhaps the heat has something to do with new games than it does with violent games?


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[Inven via Kotaku]
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