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Vigilante vs. Xbox LIVE hackers


In a town where no one would come to her aid.  A place where corporations lie to you while telling you it’s ok.  A land, where justice must be taken into your own hands.

No, this isn’t a movie trailer.  This is the story of a woman who got 1000 Microsoft Points and a gold family pack worth $214.97 + Taxes - hacked from her account.  What makes this worse, Microsoft had assured her that the account has been locked.  The hacker hit twice.  When the woman called Microsoft they told her that “the fraud department was unable to block your account.”  Yikes.

Microsoft informed her that her account would be protected for 30 days.  She was gifted a free gold account to use while her account was being investigated.  The free account did not cover the estimated time Microsoft said it would take to investigate the case – oi.

The situation was far from secure though.  At this point, she got more points bought on her account.  This time it was $124.98 + Tax.  She went back on the phone to talk to Microsoft and got really fluff answers:

“The fraud department was unable to block your account.”

“So why did no one contact me about this? You have my telephone number, you have my email address. You used my email address to tell me that you HAD blocked my account. Just what is going on?”

“They were unable to block your account, I don’t know. Have you tried changing the password online?”

“Yes, but whoever is doing this has changed my password and my security question. I am completely unable to access the account myself. That does not answer my question though. Why have I been told, twice, that my account was blocked, that an investigation had begun, when clearly none of that was true? Why is it you’re allowing someone to successfully steal money from me a second time when you were aware of the issue days ago? What the fuck is going on? I want my money, I need my money. Tell me what you are doing to help me.”

“You need to keep trying to log into your account.”

No help there.  On her account she had a new friend she didn’t know.  After doing some investigation work she found out that this ‘friend’ bought this account on Tradetang.  Here you can buy accounts with 6000 points on them for under $21.  Since then, she’s figured out how the hacker / thief works and has learned his business plan.

Her work is far from done but this is an interesting and unfortunate series of events.  Follow her Tumblr, that’s where I got this source from.  She’s got spirit and I like how she’s not just sitting down and complaining about it.  This woman is fighting, posting about it, and tracking down those who wronged her.  I give her mad props and at the same time shake my finger at Microsoft.            

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