Vigil Games members leave Crytek to found Gunfire Games, consider Darksiders 3

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Vigil Games founder and Crytek USA head David Adams abruptly left Crytek just three weeks ago, taking many ex-Vigil members with him to their new home Gunfire Games, but has already come back to confirm what so many action fans were hoping to hear: Darksiders 3 is on the table.

Adams founded Vigil in 2005 and began work on the original Darksiders in 2006 before the studio was bought by THQ. Fortunately, the team remained intact—until THQ went under in 2013. The Horsemen’s makers then jumped to Crytek, but after 18 months with the studio, decided, in part due to concerns regarding Crytek’s financial state, to go independent.

True to their past, the Vigil team has once again remained as close as possible as they move forward as Gunfire. Having already spoken with the new owner of the Darksiders IP, Nordic Games, the studio is also poised to continue the currently two-part saga.

“That is one of the options we are exploring,” Adams told Polygon. “But we don’t want to jump into something immediately. We want to weigh our options.”

Those options may very well include a new game altogether, Adams added.

“We want to build upon what we’ve done in the past. Third-person, games with a lot of characters, adventure aspects, player progression, hunt cool bosses, fantastical creatures.

“We have some ideas kicking around.”


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