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Video games and board games dominated Kickstarter in 2013

Tides of Numenera

Games — both video games and board games — comprised the biggest category on Kickstarter last year.

Successfully funded video game projects alone grew by 30 percent over 2012, according to analysis from U.K.-based games consultancy ICO Partners, as reported by

We learned yesterday that Kickstarter pledges overall pulled in $480 million in 2013. Video games and board games each earned $60 million of that sum, which is a great increase over 2012's roughly $44 million for video games and $18 million for board games.

The games category on Kickstarter beat film by a $35 million margin. In particular, video games spanned 446 successfully funded projects in 2013, compared to 297 in 2012.

According to the crowdfunding site, role-playing game Torment: Tides of Numenera was the biggest video game project of 2013, with over $4 million raised. That makes it the second-most successful campaign, right below 2012's Ouya at over $8 million and right above Project Eternity at nearly $4 million.

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