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Victory! Sportsfriends has reached its Kickstarter goal


Indie compilation Sportsfriends has reached its Kickstarter goal of $150,000, and just a few hours before the designated time ran out, too! There's currently just over an hour left on the campaign, but already the title has surpassed its goal and funds continue to trickle in.

In keeping with sports terms (Fun fact: I know absolutely nothing about sports.), Markus "Notch" Persson gets the assist for increasing his pledge to a whopping $8,000. This move essentially pushed Sportsfriends past its goal. I'm certain more than a few folks including myself are thankful for that. I mean, I really want to see this game get made ASAP!

Sportsfriends is being developed by Die Gute Fabrik and includes Johann Sebastian Joust, BariBariBall, Super Pole Riders, and Hokra. The theme around these four titles is all about getting together and having fun with friends. The games have a competitive vibe to them and are certain to provide plenty of folks with a raucous good time.

Sportsfriends is expected to launch on the PlayStation Network sometime during fall 2013. PC, Mac, and Linux versions will follow shortly after. Congrats to everyone involved with this project.


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