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VGA PS3 Exclusive Game Reveal Doesn't Look to Be Smash Bros-type Fighter


Are you a gambling man?  Then you may be interested in this little wager from Geoff Keighly, video game journalist and host of Spike TV's GTTV.

After tweeting a picture that a teases a "PS3 exclusive you won't believe" will be revealed at the VGAs, fans immediately begun to speculate what the game could be.

Some are 100% certain that the game is going to be the Super Smash Bros-type mascot fighter that is currently codenamed "Title Fight".  But how certain are you?  Willing to bet on it?

Because Geoff Keighley is betting that the PS3 exclusive reveal won't be the Sony fighter.

If Geoff's job was to stir up talk and increase hype for the upcoming VGA awards, then consider it a success.  A simple tweet has spread like wildefire and has gotten fans intrigued in the normally rubbish awards.  Granted, the awards are still rubbish, but at least fans will get some juicy information out of it.

What are you bettering the new PS3 exclusive game will be?


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