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Venture Arctic Joins Environmental Issues with Entertainment for the Whole Family

July 2, 2008

Venture Arctic Joins Environmental Issues with Entertainment for the Whole Family

Brighter Minds Media, LLC (Brighter Minds) is elated to announce the retail release of Venture Arctic, the much anticipated follow-up to Venture Africa, an ecosystem simulation game from Pocketwatch Games.

Venture Arctic invites players to create and maintain ecosystems of the Alaskan tundra inhabited with caribou, polar bears, bowhead whales, arctic wolves and orcas throughout each of the four dramatic seasons. Void of human interference, the 22 different land and aquatic animals rely on the actions of players, who simultaneously learn about the symbiotic relationships within the environment. Players control everything from the amount of snow on the ground that will melt in the spring and promote grass growth to causing sickness in frail animals in order to provide for hungry predators.

Andy Schatz, Founder and CEO of Pocketwatch Games, sees Venture Artic as a chance to entertain while informing players about the natural world. “It’s really exciting to me to see kids and gamers enjoying Venture Arctic. They love the beauty of the game, the way it makes them think and the uniqueness of it. Most don’t even realize that the act of thinking critically about the open-ended solutions also means that they’re learning about the environment at the same time.”

Named Sim Game of the Year by Game Tunnel, Venture Arctic is referred to as the ultimate ecological game. The game will be available in a package that is made of 100% recycled, 30% post-consumer waste materials. The environmentally-friendly packaging caters to the real-life concerns of those gamers who want to take part in the solution to the current ecological distresses. Players can experiment with extinction and deforestation while keeping the interests of the wildlife in mind. The normal and kid modes determine the level of difficulty, creating a game the entire family can enjoy together.

Venture Arctic will prove to be a cool retail release during the hot July, 2008.

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