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Vel'Koz now available in League of Legends with patch 4.3

League of Legends patch 4.3 has been released, bringing with it the game's newest champion: Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void.

As is tradition with new champions, Vel'Koz is priced at 975RP or 7800IP (6300IP after the first week). Alternatively, you can opt for the Battlecast Vel'Koz Bundle which, for 1462RP, can get you the new champion and his alternate Battlcast skin. Before you go spending a fortune on the new champion be sure to check out his abilities below, as well as his Champion Spotlight and our own hands-on time with him on the PBE.

Passive: Organic Deconstruction

Vel’Koz’s abilities Deconstruct those they strike. After being hit three times by his abilities, minions, monsters and enemy champions are Deconstructed and suffer bonus true damage. Enemies lose their Deconstruction stacks by avoiding Vel’Koz’s attacks for a short while.

Q: Plasma Fission

Vel’Koz fires a plasma bolt that slows and damages the first enemy struck. Once Plasma Fission hits, reaches its maximum range or is reactivated a second time, the bolt splits at a 90 degree angle. The split bolts deal the same damage and apply the same slow.

W: Void Rift

Vel’Koz sends out a straight line blast that tears open a temporary rift to the Void before exploding. Both the initial tear and the delayed explosion damage and apply Deconstruction stacks to caught enemies.

E: Tectonic Disruption

After a brief delay Vel’Koz disrupts a nearby area, damaging and launching all enemies caught into the air. Enemies hit that are close to Vel’Koz are also knocked back slightly.

R: Life Form Disintegration Ray

Vel’Koz channels a ray of infinite energy that follows the cursor for a brief while, damaging, slowing and Deconstructing all enemies in range.

In addition to Vel'Koz, patch 4.3 packs a ton of other changes including slight nerfs to Gragas, Kassadin, Kha'Zix, and Yasuo. There's also an entire rework of gold generating items which you can read more about here.

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