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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Introduces Permanent Flying Mounts in Game Update #4

March 11, 2008

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Introduces Permanent Flying Mounts in Game Update #4

Game Update 4 brings the highly anticipated permanent flying mounts to Vanguard: Saga of Heroes in addition to an extensive list of game play features. Players will notice a significant revamp of the Riftway system, the addition of an overland raid for high-level players, updates to three classes, bug and performance fixes and the inclusion of Veteran player rewards.

Game Update 4 features:

  • Flying Mounts - Griffon and Wyvern permanent flying mounts are now available for level 40+ players to attain.
  • Riftway Revamp - At level 10, players will encounter the first riftway stone. These riftways are placed within all similarly leveled outposts, and are available immediately as options for travel. Quest-givers will be at each riftway with ‘region introduction quests’, providing an overview of what type of adventure is to be found in each region and a delivery quest to visit a main quest giver in that region located near the riftway.
  • Character Optimizations / Helmets – Visible helmets were added offering a new and exciting option for players to customize the look of their character.
  • Overland Raid - Fengrot is a new overland raid targeted for 18 well-equipped, high level players.
  • Class Updates - The druid, dread knight and paladin received updates such as altering abilities, adjusting DPS and a variety of other revisions.
  • Refund Points - Players can now purchase refund points for all non-automatically allocated attribute points from their trainers. The initial refund will be free, but the price will rise progressively each additional time refund points are purchased.
  • Veteran Rewards - Rewards include titles, special items (such as vanity pets) and a set of furniture to place inside a player’s house. Veteran rewards are available for players who have had active fully-paid accounts in good standing for six months or more.

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