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Vanguard Princess’ Netplay Campaign video looks to get the fighting community active

If you’re a developer looking to expand the Vanguard Princess community, now is your chance to give back. Check out eigoMANGA’s new Indiegogo campaign on how you can fund or program to help bring the netplay component to online functionality, for free. The fighting game has been out on Steam since March of 2014 but it’s time to pit players head to head over the internet.

The two ways you can aid is to either fund the Indiegogo campaign or actually help develop part of the code. If you’re a developer and are looking to make this dream a reality, the eigoMANGA team will send you a developer’s kit for free. Through funding the campaign, you can get incentives such as a copy of the game, beta invite, t-shirts, posters, 4-day pass to Anime Expo, figurines and much more. Check it out! Support it if you so choose.

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