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Valve unboxes Portal turret by Weta Workshop


The Weta Workshop has struck again, this time Valve was in their sights again.  The Weta Workshop is “a multi-award winning conceptual design and physical manufacturing facility servicing the world's entertainment and creative industries.”  What that translates to, is that they make some really awesome replica stuff. 

Remember the Team Fortress engineer turret Weta made?  No?  For shame then.  Well once again they recreated a full scale turret from one of Valve’s popular titles.  This time it is the talking Portal turret.  “Are you still there?” 

The video below is the literal unboxing of the life sized turret.  Even the box is awesome; there are Aperture Science logos on it making the experience even more authentic.  The turret talks, opens, closes, has all the appropriate stickers on it, has a red light, motion sensor and tracker, has imitation turrets… the whole deal.

Just watch this video and be amazed at the good work Weta Workshop is doing.    


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