Valve's employee handbook confirmed, online for all to see

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Late last week, news surfaced of a "leaked" Valve employee handbook for all to see via Today, a Valve representative confirmed to GameInformer that the handbook is indeed legitimate.

According, Valve employee Michael Abrash posted several interesting pieces of information of the logistics of Valve and how the company operates as a whole. Abrash then posted a PDF version of the handbook, which reveals a witty, yet serious approach to how they create and maintain their products. 

Several publications, including GameInformer, then picked up on a story within this story: page 22 of the employee handbook features a guy wearing a Half-Life 3 shirt. As GameInformer put it, "It probably doesn't mean anything, but any Half-Life news is news." 

You can check out the official handbook in full PDF format here

Source: [GameInformer]

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