Valve combats Steam Tag trolls with report functionality

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Last week, Valve introduced Steam Tags, a new feature that provides a "powerful new way to shop for games." Basically, it allows Steam community to define games based on tags like "shooter", "FPS," "casual," etc. Tags that are applies frequently will become "featured categories," helping people find a new set of genres, themes, and attributes.

It's a system designed for easy browsing, but -- because this is the internet -- plagued by trolls. As you would expect, games have been labeled with silly or ridiculous tags -- like Dark Souls: Prepare to Die being labeled "casual." 

So to combat this, Valve has added a feature that allows you to report labels for being "offensive/abusive", "not appropriate for this product", "not a helpful tag" or a spoiler. Additionally, swear words have now been fully filtered out.

Has the new Tag system helped simplify game browsing for you?

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