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Valve combats Steam Greenlight spam with $100 fee


For the most part, Valve's Steam Greenlight has been a success. The new system, which allows the community to choose which games should appear on Steam, has over 700 submissions, but as Valve admits, "that doesn't really tell the whole story of what's being submitted."

"Two things we’ve noticed so far. First, there are a ton of legitimate submissions that people want to see. Second, there is unfortunately a significant amount of noise and clutter being submitted, either as a joke or by fans not fully understanding the purpose of Greenlight," Valve said in a post.

To help combat fake submissions, Valve has decided to impose a $100 fee for someone to post to Steam Greenlight. But before you call them greedy, it should be noted that the proceeds will be donated to Child's Play.

"We have no interest in making money from this, but we do need to cut down the noise in the system," they assured fans.

The second update Valve is making is aimed at improving your "window into Greenlight". To help you find "your kind" of games, Steam Greenlight will show you a smaller, manageable list of games that you haven't rated. This will be a mix of popular games and new games to Greenlight.

"In the end, we’re very interested in maintaining an environment that is fair and beneficial to everyone involved, and one that fun and rewarding to join," Valve concluded. "And, of course, we’re going to keep iterating on this system and updating as we learn more about how the community and developers want to utilize it."

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