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Valve co-founder Gabe Newell actually posts on r/Gaming sub-Reddit and gets ignored


What's more ironic: Gabe Newell behind denied the number three for his charity's automobile racing number, or Reddit's r/gaming ignoring the post of the man who runs one of the biggest companies in the video game industry? Because both happened to Valve co-found Gabe Newell who took to the r/Gaming sub-Reddit to spread word of the Heart of Racing charity event.

Getting no upvote love on the sub-Reddit, Newell then took to r/Motorsports, where he was asked to provide evidence proving he is, in fact, Reddit user "GabeNewellBellevue." The following image is all the proof he needed. "Reddit wanted me to prove I'm me," Newell said on Facebook.

Newell Heart of Racing Reddit

"I'm running a Porsche GT America [editor note: photo above] in the United SportsCar Championship this year in partnership with Alex Job Racing and Team Seattle," Newell added later. "The goal is to raise funds for the pediatric cardiology unit at Children's Hospital."

Tsk, tsk, r/Gaming. You had your shot and blew it. No more Steam sales for you.

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