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Valve brings Nexon's Dungeon Fighter to Steam

Nexon's wildly popular 2D action-brawler MMO, Dungeon Fighter Online may be coming to Xbox Live Arcade soon, but while we await that release, users can now download this awesome beat 'em up on Valve's downloadable service, Steam. If you're unsure of what Dungeon Fighter Online is, make sure to head on over to our very positive review.

To celebrate its release on Steam, Dungeon Fighter Online will now feature its highly anticipated male mage character class, allowing players to experience the high-intensity action in Dungeon Fighter Online, in a new way.

Of course since the game is now easily housed in Steam, it will be even easier to see when your friends are playing, therefore make it a much better experience when wanting to join up with them.

Dungeon Fighter Online is free to download and play, with an in-game marketplace fueled by microtransactions. That means there is absolutely no barrier of entry for anyone to try this fantastic game out. Not to mention, if you have a gamepad, plug that sucker in and experience the game it was meant to be experienced.

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