Valve asks only one thing of Steam Machine beta users: 'Have fun with them'

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In a time when most companies tend to keep beta tests under strict rules and regulations, Valve has taken more of a lax approach with their Steam Machine, which is shipping to the 300 lucky beta testers this week. 

"We ask only one thing of you during of the SteamOS / Steam Machine / Steam Controller beta: use these devices and have fun with them," reads the congratulations email sent out to the few chosen ones.

"The purpose of the beta is to include you in the Steam team’s design process, because your participation will help us build better hardware and help make SteamOS as good as it can be," the message continues. "In addition to the feedback you contribute via the Steam Universe community group, the way you use your Steam hardware will help teach us what’s working and which areas need improvement."

Other than having fun and testing the hardware out, it doesn't appear Valve has many other restrictions. You can't transfer the beta agreement over to other Steam users and Valves urges "Do not try to sell your hardware to anyone else," but I think that's a given.

In addition to receiving a Steam Machine and Steam Controller, beta testers will also receive a number of free games added to their Steam Library to "help test everything out." The welcome email sent out to those selected also named a few of those games, which you can see here.

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