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Valve approves Game Dev Tycoon, Bleed, and more on Steam Greenlight


Earlier this month, Valve announced it would be pushing Steam Greenlight titles in smaller, more frequent batches. Now, 15 days later, it's giving the nod to six more games.

The newcomers are the action-platformer Bleed, Greenheart's game-development simulator Game Dev Tycoon, survivor-horror game The Legend, strategy-role-playing game Legends of Eisenwald, simulation-game Riot, and country-life RPG Stardew Valley.

Greenheart Games recently stirred up some controversy when it released a cracked version of its game to make pirates experience firsthand the effects of piracy from a developer's perspective.

These six games will release on the developers' own terms in the weeks and months ahead. As usual, community votes and a number of external factors, like press coverage and past performance, help determine which games make the cut.

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