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Valkyria Revolution gets two new trailers showing off new battle mechanics and home base

The series looks like it has evolved

Valkyria Revolution is coming, but it's tough to gauge how much the game has really evolved to this point. SEGA has released a couple of trailers that shed some light on the game and show off a much bigger game than previous entries. The first trailer (seen above) shows off Valkyria Revolution's all new LeGION Battle System, which is a lot more real-time than any game that has previously come out. The result is something akin to Dynasty Warriors meets Final Fantasy XII, as action plays out in front and around you, but with the option to pause and select moves to change the tide of battle.

The trailer below shows off the Home Base, Elsinore, which lets player upgrade and outfit their characters between missions and serves as a hub for various story beats. What's nice is that instead of relying on a series of menus for these basic RPG systems, the game offers a fleshed out city to explore, which helps to sell the idea of a living world to defend.

Valkyria Revolution currently has a demo out in Japan, called "Prologue Demo" for both PS4 and Vita, but there's currently no indication when or if it will release in any other country. The game is scheduled to release on January 19th, 2017 in Japan and Q2 2017 in North America and Europe for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PS Vita.  

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