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Valkyria Chronicles is getting a sequel titled 'Revolution' and it's coming next Spring

And the good guys may not be all that 'good'

Valkyria Chronicles is getting a sequel titled 'Revolution' and it's coming next spring

Valkyria Chronicles was one of the PS3's quietest gems, but it remains one of the system's best games. So much so that even years later, a PC port of the game found its way to the masses and rejuvenated excitement for the franchise after it had seemingly gone by the wayside to Sony's PSP. Now after releasing a Remastered version of the original game, Sega has quietly been developing Valkyria Revolution, whose surname represents far more than the war you will fight in the game.

Valkyria Revolution is a far different game than the three that have come before it, taking place in an alternative time, continent, and universe while featuring a completely overhauled combat system. Instead of a traditional turn-based combat system, Valkyria Revolution employs a real-time system and looks something akin to Dynasty Warriors meets Final Fantasy XII with strategy elements. It's sure to be a different game, but it remains to be seen how fans will take to the new approach.  

The game's story will not have a simplistic good vs. evil thread either, as you will come to find that the protagonist and his allies may not have the noblest of intentions. Here's a description from the PlayStation Blog.

"Five lifelong friends consumed by personal revenge plunge an entire continent into a terrible war, sacrificing the lives of countless innocents for a cause based on twisted half-truths and outright lies. This “Circle of Five” use their combined political and military influence to motivate their small, economically blockaded homeland to rise up as a powerful resistance against imperialist oppressors.
Will the Circle of Five be remembered as heroic liberators, or will their selfish motives expose them as traitorous conspirators who sacrificed untold lives just to carry out a personal vendetta?"
I'm hoping that Valkyria Revolution pushes the "are you really the good guy" thread, since so many games feel like they go out of their way to make you feel like a hero. It'd be nice for players to question their actions as they fight a war.
There's no concrete release date for Valkyria Revolution, but it is due to come out sometime this Spring.
Source: [PlayStation Blog]
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