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Users Not Impressed With Latest PS3 System Software Update 4.0


Sony announced yesterday that a new system software update will be released for the PlayStation 3 this week.  Update 4.00 is being released in preparation for the launch of the PlayStation Vita in Japan.

Despite Sony emphasizing that this update is directed towards the PS Vita and that it will "prepare the PlayStation 3 to serve as a content management device", many users are generally displeased with the overall features being added in this update.

Sony explained this new patch will "allow users to copy their digital content such as games, music, photos, and videos between PS Vita and PS3, back up PS Vita game games including save data to your PS3 hard drive, and update the system software for your PS Vita system using the network features of your PS3."

But judging from fan reaction to the latest blog post, fans want more. The overall feeling seems to be that Sony isn't adding enough

ChibiMrBubbles stated, "The previous big number updates for PS3 were awesome. This? Not so much, the Vita isn’t even out in our region and won’t be until much later. I don’t get this pointless update. Whatever, at least the filtering privacy options will be put to good use."

"LMAO these firmware updates be lamer and lamer every time they post one," said mixedkidbx.

From there, the underwhelming fan reaction continues to pour in.

"You should’ve just bumped it to 3.80, as this update does little to nothing that deserves a 4.00 stamp. Seriously, if you don’t give us something awesome with 4.00, then how are we supposed to expect ANYTHING awesome at all for the PS3′s future updates?" - DKShadow

"i’m disappointed at this seemly weak update as well.since most of the stuff are for playstation plus users, i guess its over for people like me that dont like/want to pay for features.thanks to the people that supported the other console premium stuff, that is the reason why we are in this mess. to all of you playstation plus users i hope you feel pretty special about paying for stuff that otherwise would have been there without a monthly fee.enjoy!" - Perrandy

"This is very disapointing indeed…i confess myself disapointed not complaining about ps+ features, i could care less about that. what i am disapointed about is the fact that this is THE 4.0 update. And you mean to tell me minimal features?" - ArchAngel_MALAKI

While some users are approving the PS+ updates in 4.0, others want more in terms of new PlayStation 3 features, a new UI XMB, and for some reason cross-game chat which Sony has already admitted is not possible on the PS3

Other changes that take effect withthis update include:

  • PlayStation Plus members can now choose to enable or disable each automatic update feature
    • Game patches
    • System software
    • Recommended games and videos
    • Sync trophy information
  • New PlayStation Network settings for filtering friend requests and messages

What are your thoughts on the PS3 system software update 4.00? 

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