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Users attack Mass Effect 3 with low Metacritic review scores


The Metacritic trolls are back and this time they are targeting the, what I once thought, highly-anticipated Mass Effect 3; now, I'm not so sure.

Angry gamers, upset at BioWare, have lashed out against Mass Effect 3 targeting the game's shift into a more action/shooter, day one DLC, Jessica Chobot cameo, and overall story.  Others, appear to be just trolling - creating an account for the sole purpose of giving Mass Effect 3 a lower score.

As I write this, Mass Effect 3 currently sits at a 2.2 User score on Metacritic, while Critics have rated the game, on average, a 93 out of 100.  Quite the disparity.

User Travisguy, scored the game a 0, writing: "To view this review, it will cost you $10 as premium DLC. But seriously, Bioware really ended the trilogy on a bad note. So much day 1 DLC, it's ridiculous. The Cerberus system discourages buying the game used. Please, do yourself a favor, and just end the ME series at 2."

User DemoniChris writes, who also scored it a 0, writes: "This game is garbage, a massive disappointment, and a slap, no, a punch in the face to the Mass Effect series. Being a player of Mass Effect 1, this series has not progressed one bit since then, but actually took a step back in almost every aspect. The animations are pitiful, the choices lead you to the same end, and it desperately lacks originality. Do not buy, do not rent, and do not give this game any of your time, unless for mockery's sake."

Other users are just scoring it low and finding any little thing to call the game bad.

"What the he were they thinking? putting gay scenes into video games? If i wanted political messages, id watch the news. I do NOT want games becoming yet another medium for propaganda. 0/10," said ilovegaben.

While the scores are ridiculously low, and many users seem to be creating accounts just for the pleasure to bash a game, some of the user reviews are actually thoughtful.  Just as many can be found from passionate fans mostly upset at how much the game has changed over the course since Mass Effect 1.  The main complaint seems to be that Mass Effect 3 abandoned its rich storytelling for cheap explosions.

"Rather than trying to expand on the formula which set Mass Effect as one of those rpg-shooter hybrids which grow more frequent as the years pass by, Bioware decided to dismiss it completely in favour of Michael Bay-grade explosions and the like," wrote Thaeru, who also has only reviewed one game, but at least contributed some thought.

I could sit here for hours and read through the comments of upset fans, and trolls, bashing Mass Effect 3.  While scoring the game a 0 might be a little over-the-top, some of the user reviews actually do make sense.

While the scores are unjustifiably low, it appears that the user reviews are at least somewhat more though out then the previous Modern Warfare 3 Metacritic debacle which seemed to just be filled with Battlefield 3 fans hating on the competing game.

Are the Metacritic user reviews too harsh or is Mass Effect 3 really as bad as they are claiming?

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