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US lawmaker proposes ridiculous 1% tax on 'violent' video games


A lawmaker in the United States, a country founded on violence, has proposed a new bill that would tax all video games deemed violent.  Add this to the list of idiotic bills a "representative" of the United States citizens has tried to pass.

According to this new ridiculous bill, introduced by Oklahoma State Representative William Fourkiller, a 1% tax would be applied to all "violent" games which fall under the rating of Teen, Mature, or Adult Only.  This means fairly innocent games like Final Fantasy XIII-2 and even Just Dance 2 would be taxable under this bill. 

This means if a consumer buys one of these "violent" video games at new for $59.99, they can expect to pay about 60 cents on top of the state (4.5%) and city (between 3.25%-4%) sales tax.

While the money raised from the tax would go to a good cause - battling bullying and childhood obesity - the overall grounds of the bill are stupid, for lack of a better word.

Aside from no study OFFICIALLY proving video games causing violence, this law singles out video games over other forms of entertainment like television, movies, books, and music.  How Fourkiller could blatantly single-out video games just shows how uninformed and quick-to-assume he really is - especially when we have songs like "Pumped Up Kicks" playing on the radio every other song.

Oh yea, did I mention Zumba Fitness 2 falls under the taxable bracket? 

Great idea, jacka**.  You're now added to the list of politicians who won't be re-elected due to their stupidity.  You can join those who still think SOPA is a good idea.  This just goes to show you how out of touch the current American politicians are with the public.


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