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[Updated] Lawbreakers for PS4 launches with noticeable framerate stutter

A new Patch should fix the problem

Lawbreakers for PS4

[Update] Yesterday we reported on (see below) a severe glitch in the PS4 version of Lawbreakers that caused the game to hitch and stutter, very visibly. Today, just one day after launch, BossKey, the game's developer, has issued a statement and a patch to fix the issue. The team says that after the update has been downloaded, to quit the game completely and then restart and you should be all set.


[Original Story] Today marks the launch of BossKey Games' (Cliff Bleszinski's new game studio) first game, Lawbreakers, which we previewed last week. Having just had their final beta a week ago, many fans and beta testers have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new, fast-paced shooter, which many gamers have deemed to be the evolution of the Unreal franchise, which Bleszinski help create.

Unfortunately, the launch isn't going as smoothly as BossKey would have liked, at least for the PS4. The game was essentially bug-free a week ago, while in the final stages of its beta, so it's a bit surprising to hear that the PS4 version of Lawbreakers is suffering from very noticeable hitches and stutters, as opposed to the PC version, which for all intents and purposes, is glitch free.

BossKey has posted a message on the game's main menu, announcing to all players that they are aware of the issue and working to resolve it. Still, this is not what any new company wants to experience when launching their first major game, especially when said problem didn't exist a week ago.

The folks at Digital Foundry have found that while the game typically runs at 60fps (on the PS4 Pro), the game would stutter randomly, freezing up, sometimes up to 316ms at its worst, before returning to normal.

That all being said, as someone who's played the game, many people will probably enjoy Lawbreakers once the problem is fixed, you're going to get a lot of bang for your buck. The game only sells for $29.99 for the regular version and just $39.99 for the "Deadzo" (aka Limited Edition) version, which comes with exclusive skins, camos, sticker, and more. It's a great price for a shooter that may take everyone by surprise.

Again, it seems like a simple fix that can be patched out quickly and when all is said and done, you're left with a great, fast-paced shooter running at 60fps with awesome game modes.

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