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Update for War Rock now available.

August 14, 2008

Update for War Rock now available.

A new content patch for K2 Network’s Free2Play game, War Rock is now available. The new additions feature a new Close Quarters Combat map called Beringia and a vehicle upgrade of the Apache helicopter to the map Zakhar.

The NIU are using a secret location, code named “Beringia”, to transport supplies to their own ships from civilian tanker ships in the area. Somehow the Derbaran troops have discovered this top secret location and a group of elite paratroopers have been dispatched to the bow of the NIU tanker in order to sabotage this crucial NIU supply chain.

Combat takes place directly on the tanker ships, where soldiers can utilize 2 bridges to cross over to enemy territory. Use the shipping containers as cover, or have the option to maneuver inside the tankers looking for a lone soldier to pick off.

Depending if you’re NIU or Derbaran, objective on this map is to plant or diffuse the bomb in timed matches to win. You can also play it on Free for All mode where there is no objective but to be the last trooper standing.

New Apache helicopter added to Zakahar map: The Apache is perhaps the most ferocious attack helicopter in use by the military today. Two soldiers can partner up to make use of all the firepower this high damaging helicopter can deliver. Armed with a M230 chain-gun manned by the co-pilot and equipped with a combination of Hellfire and Hydra missiles, the Apache helicopter can quickly dispatch enemy forces on land, sea and in air.

Background on Zakahar map: In an effort to build up their armory stores while avoiding Derbaran security checkpoints, the NIU have been shipping their weaponry in parts. The large industrial sector Zakhar has become home to several secret NIU arms assemblies despite a strong Derbaran infantry and armor presence.

Free2Play players can look forward to 5 more maps that they can gain access to in late August! These maps will include the powerful Apache helicopter and many more vehicles at their disposal. War Rock continually provides all players a great variety of maps and more information will be released in the coming weeks. Stay informed, as well as register for a free game account at 

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