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[Update] Square Enix introduces Final Fantasy-inspired ChocoGo taxi service

Well, it's about time


[Update: Square Enix confirmed in a statement that additional transport services supported by other Final Fantasy mounts may appear in the future. However, the company has "temporarily halted the global rollout of our goobue mounts after concerns were voiced from our Lalafell guests." Goobues, for the unaware, are giant earth golems with Sarlacc-like mouths. The concerns are understandable. Original story follows.] 

Developer Square Enix today announced ChocoGo, an Uber-esque taxi service which allows busy travelers to escape traffic by riding atop living, breathing Chocobos.

“The Final Fantasy 14-inspired ChocoGo app is pioneering a new green-energy alternative in transportation,” ChocoGo CEO Cid Shipman said in an announcement video (below), “and bringing a truly progressive ride-sharing option to our customers on the street.”

Square Enix echoed Shipman’s sentiments in a statement: “Why go from point A to point B in a car when you can do so mounted on the back of a giant, yellow Chocobo instead? The innovative ChocoGo app offers riders an energy-saving, wind-in-your-hair alternative to public transportation.”Square Enix introduces Final Fantasy-inspired ChocoGo taxi service

Users can easily find the Chocobo closest to them with a quick swipe of the app. Additionally, they can hand-pick the color of their bird and the Final Fantasy 14 song they wish to hear en route. Naturally, riders may also tip their Chocobo with additional Greens, a magic cabbage of sorts and a staple of every Chocobo’s diet.

Square Enix and ChocoGo spared no expense in preparing the service’s fleet of mounts. The companies worked closely with a crack team of geneticists and scientists to breed their Chocobos. All ChocoGo Chocobos are “autonomous, friendly, and have built-in WiFi connectivity,” said one Square Enix scientist.  

The official ChocoGo website further outlines the service’s features, chief among them a cutting-edge route finding network and multiplatform app support. Some early user reviews are also available:

“The looks you get when you pull up to the curb on one of the Chocogo Chocobos are priceless,” said tester Sydney K. “The team that came up with this deserves all the greens!”

ChocoGo will roll out across major cities throughout 2016. GameZone has reached out to Square Enix for additional details and will update this story as it unfolds.

In related news, I am glad I recently picked up a Final Fantasy calendar.

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