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Upcoming Tales Games on PSP and Vita Leaked


The cool thing about the internet is that you always find out about awesome things that you're not supposed to know about for some time. Not surprisingly, that's also one of the worst things about the internet, as it completely craps all over the element of surprise. Well, if you're a Tales fan, we've got a big, hot, steaming surprise just for you.

Namco Bandai will be announcing two portable Tales games at this year's Tokyo Game Show. The news was leaked by PecpvbY4, an individual known for releasing leaked information onto the web. According to this wily rascal, Namco Bandai will be making reveals for both the PSP and the PlayStation Vita.

One of the projects currently in the works is Tales of Heroes: Twin Brave for the PSP. This will be a brand new title for Sony's current handheld device. The second game Namco Bandai will likely announce will be Tales of Innocence R for the Vita. Originally released on the DS, this will be a remake of Tales of Innocence, which only saw a launch in Japan.

Now, given the circumstances, you should probably take these leaked details and approach them with some level of skepticism. If what was revealed is true, though, then Tales fans definitely have something to look forward to come TGS. Although looking back at Namco Bandai's track record, these games are likely to only launch in Japan. Major buzzkill right there!

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