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Upcoming iPad 3 debut confirmed by game developer, reveals first look at graphics


Apple hasn't officially announced the iPad 3, but a game developer may have jumped the gun in revealing the expected upcoming announcement.  Apple is expected/rumored to announce the new iPad 3 today, at 10am PST, during a planned event, but this new video confirms it.

Cybertime, the company responsible for hugely successful iOS game, Crazy Hedgy, has unveiled a graphics update exclusive to the upcoming iPad 3.

While the iPad 3 hasn't been announced yet, this pretty much solidifies that Apple's secret event being held today is, in fact, for the unveiling of the iPad 3.

Cybertime has released a new trailer, not only showing us the improved graphics of the game, but also giving us a first look at what the iPad 3 will be capable of with gaming graphics.

"The new version will continue to impress and excite specialist press and gamers alike, with sophisticated graphics of a quality hitherto only seen in dedicated console games," the company said in a press release.

"For example, a meadow can now physically move with the wind and its texture can be transformed by events. The 3D engine perfectly aligns to the resolution of the display hardware and so supports the full pixel count. Complex program shading and post-effects makes Crazy Hedgy even more of a rich visual experience to embrace and enjoy - offering a standard of graphics hitherto not available on the App Store."

Check out the new Crazy Hedgy iPad 3 graphics update in the video below.

Pretty impressive graphics update and this is just a taste of what's to come with the iPad 3 - which will hopefully be announced within the hour.

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