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Upcoming city building simulator heading to classrooms with SimCityEDU


Looks like SimCity won't only crawl its way into our hearts when it releases this year, but it will also make its way into classrooms. Recently announced by EA, SimCityEDU will be an online community that will allow educators to create and share lessons plans based on the upcoming game.

If you're thinking, "video games in the classroom?!" rest assured that the community will include a curriculum that fall in line with the US Common Core State Standards Initiative. The goal here is to stimulate student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Video games in schools aren't really a new idea. In the Minecraft documentary, we got a glimpse at the game being used in a classroom of young kids to teach them life lessons and skills as well as build teamwork. Konami on the other hand supplied a classroom version of DDR into schools around the US to help kids lose weight while having fun.

The teaching edition of SimCity is said to release around the same time as the game. Teachers who are interested in checking out the program can head to the sign-up page.


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