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Unofficial iMAME Pops Up on App Store


An unofficial MAME client has just landed on the App Store. iMAME is a mobile version of the arcade emulator many individuals have on their PCs. The app became available yesterday, and people seem to really be digging it.

You can download iMAME for free. The app comes with a few demos to get you started. Though Apple has been slightly more forgiving of downloadable emulators for its mobile devices, it's suggested that you download iMAME soon if it's something you really want. Just in case.

Oh, and do you want to know something really cool? If you've got the iCade controller, you can use that puppy to play your arcade ROMs. We reviewed the iCade back in August, giving it a great 8 / 10 score.

So yeah, download the iMAME app if you want to play some old school arcade games on your iPhone or iPad. Depending on what device you use, you get a slightly different button layout. Check out the iPhone and iPad layouts below, respectively:

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