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University of Florida Offering 21st Century Skills in Starcraft


It’s not really all that surprising to see a college course that seems to be off of the cuff. For every Western Philosophy or Organic Chemistry, you’re likely to see something like Underwater Basket-weaving or Zebra Husbandry filling out a class roster in all manner of four-year institutions. However, University of Florida is offering a course that might take the cake to the delight of many gamers, as the school is offering a two-credit course this fall titled “21st Century Skills in Starcraft”.

A chunk of the course's goal statement reads as follows: “This course synthesizes the three threads of 21st Century skill development, gaming, and online education into an innovative and experiential approach that encourages students to identify, learn, and practice crucial skills and apply and relate them to real-world situations. It does not teach about Starcraft, but rather aims to utilize the game and the complex situations that arise within it to present and develop the important skills professionals will undoubtedly need in the 21st Century workplace. “

So, it would seem that the class won’t be teaching students how to play Starcraft well, per se, but will instead use the game as a tool for learning a variety of real-world skills. Hopefully zerg rushes aren’t in the curriculum; the workplace is better off without them.

Check out the full course listing here:

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