Unit 13 coming to PS Vita March 6th

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Yesterday, Sony announced that Unit 13 will be available for the PS Vita on March 6, 2012.  While it won't technically be available at launch, there should be enough launch titles to hold you over until its release a few weeks later.

From Zipper Interactive, the developers of the SOCOM games, Unit 13 is an online-enabled shooter featuring 36 playable missions.  There are four different mission types:

  • Direct Action: larger, multiple objective missions that reward tactical play.
  • Deadline:  medium-sized missions where players have to race against the clock.  These reward speed over tactics.
  • Elite: small-to-medium sized missions with no health regen or check points.  These missions reward taking as little damage as possible.
  • Covert: stealth missions where you need to get in and out iwthout the neemy knowing you were there.  It rewards you for remaining unseen and you get a bonus for leaving enemies alive.  However, if you are discovered, you can still recover if you take out the alerted enemies fast enough.

PlayStation Blog has provided a detailed hands-on video walkthrough of a Covert Mission, which can be seen below.

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