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“Undying love” takes a new turn in the Lollipop Chainsaw Valentine’s Day trailer


As we get older and settle down with our beloved, there usually comes a moment when there is talk of child raising.  While this may seem like a natural evolution throughout life, there are some key components to make this happen.  For instance, having a body and being more than just a disembodied head helps.  If you are Juliet and Nick from Warner Bro’s upcoming zombie slasher game, this may just be your issue.

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, a new Lollipop Chainsaw trailer has been released.  It shares the tragic story of how Nick, Juliet’s boyfriend, becomes a severed head.  The poor chap gets bit by a zombie and decapitation by chainsaw was the only way to secure life in him – you got to stop the zombie ‘venom’ after all.  How is he still alive and talking?  No idea.  Even the trailer ponders this question for comedic value. 

Looking at the trailer, it looks like Nick will have some gameplay mechanics like kicking his head at enemies and putting his head on bodies to give Juliet a boost up into the air.  Interesting.  Check out this video and be happy your V-Day love isn’t just a decapitated head.  Love is truly in the air.

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